Grimsthororpe Castle and Gaerdens at Grimsthorpe, Lincolnshire makes a perfect day out. Whether you're walking the dog, looking for history, out with the kids or meeting with a friend to shop, eat and explore, Grimstrhorpe has it all!!
  Grimsthorpe is known for its wonderful and varied walks and cycle trails. Take a short but pleasant stroll through the Woodland Walk, meander through the gorgeous gardens, or bring your bike and cycle to the lake and beyond. Pick up a walking map from the Ticket Hut on your way in to see all the choices.
  Their Gift Shop is open every day from 11am - 5pm, filled with locally produced productsd, unique gifts, fascinating books and games and toys for children. 
Be sure to visit their new seconhand book section if you're looking for your next gripping read.
  Children love the Adventure Playground, located in the Oaks Wood. Plenty for little ones to explore and play, thre are slides, swings, trim trails and even a zip wire! They also have a shelter for pickicking and portaloos nearby.
  There are lots of places to picnic on a sunny day. Find a secluded spot or join others on the manicured lawns on the North Avenue. And remember that if you plan to visit them more than twice during the season, a season ticket is very good vaslue for money

Full the details of the Castle and opening times on the website -    Phone: 01778 591205

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